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We’re liking the new Facebook changes

Have you noticed a difference to your Facebook feed? Mark Zuckerberg announced in early 2018 that Facebook’s news feed will start focusing on “putting friends and family at the core of the experience.” This means fewer news articles and ads, and less marketing content. Facebook is refocusing around its purpose – to create meaningful interactions […]

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The changing of the guard in Canterbury

We are slowly seeing the changing of the guard in Canterbury as a new generation of leaders emerges.   It’s good for us to encourage a new perspective that challenges and, hopefully, enthuses us – merged with the wisdom that cany experience can bring.   To this end we must develop and support our next […]

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The Catholic Diocese

Whatever your religious persuasion, the Catholic Diocese must be congratulated for the way it’s tackled the many heritage buildings in its portfolio, damaged by the earthquakes. The Diocese hopes that it will save all 13 heritage churches, plus the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. What’s impressive is the process as much as the result. Rather […]

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