Humanly Communicating

Thinking about how we communicate effectively in a world of technology

Tech communicator

Crashed into a ‘technology slave’ lately, – you know, head down, eyes averted, holding a loud public conversation to no one? Communication technology is endemic and a lot of us are slaves to it. But the truth is that personal interaction will never be replaced.

The office chat with colleagues, the phone call to clients, the coffee catch-up – these are the glue of social interaction and all are opportunities to build stronger relationships. For many of us texting or emailing is the knee jerk reaction – first course of action. But is it the most effective or beneficial for us, or for our companies?

Nothing beats the personal approach – the smile, the handshake, the real person showing interest and warmth and demonstrating an ability to help. Do you know when it’s best to email, when to text, and when to pick up the phone? Do you know when it’s far more valuable to meet face to face? We can help you identify the differences, the strengths and the weaknesses.

To learn more about developing a better relationship with your clients, Perception PR & Marketing will share the knowledge in house, with your staff.

We live in a very small country – building great relationships is critical to our business success.

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