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Media Strategy + Training + Liaison.

Several of our consultants are former television, radio and print journalists, others are award-winning PR advisors. As Christchurch’s leading PR company, this means we know and understand the media.

Our media related services can include:

Strategic planning and campaign delivery for successful media engagement

Media engagement very often needs to be an integral part of your strategic planning and campaign delivery.  We can help you communicate well in digital and print media, identifying aspects which will attract good media attention and capitalise on your progress and success.

Press release writing and distribution

Press releases and media statements tell your story in your own words.  They are strong messaging tools which we can write for you; our strong personal links with media mean we can distribute to the specific or general audiences you require with a good pick up success rate.

Media training – enquiry handling and response

Businesses and individuals come to the media’s attention for diverse reasons. When it happens, be sure you know how to conduct the interview confidently and professionally, enhancing your reputation in the process! We will tell you what makes news, what the media is looking for, coach you in how to deliver, and prepare you for the questions you might not want to answer. Executive and senior management staff benefit greatly from this individualised, customised coaching – and can critique their performance immediately via video link.

Media relationship building

Who’s who in the media?  Our extensive contacts with media personnel mean we can broker strong relationships on your behalf with the media who matter most to you. We can help you to forge your own contacts and guide you so that what you provide is what they want.

PR results analysis

Through audits and digital analysis we can determine which PR efforts are working best for you.  You then know the most effective means of reaching your audience and can adjust your strategic tactics to capitalise.

 Digital Marketing Strategy.

The only constant in the digital marketing world is its continuous evolution. Even for the most sophisticated marketing managers, it is becoming more challenging to keep up. We are an extension of your team, able to offer new ideas, insights and tools that enable efficient use of time, for optimum effect. We will help you develop, implement and measure online and social strategies tailored around your business’s digital and editorial goals. Digital marketing services can include:

  • A digital health check – a comprehensive overview of your current digital footprint
  • Tailored digital marketing strategies to help enhance and promote your online presence
  • Creation and implementation of targeted campaigns across online, mobile and social platforms optimising leads and conversion rates
  • Content marketing – integration of new media channels to communicate key messaging
  • Methods to evaluate your digital presence to communicate return on investment


 Social Media.

#Didyouknow? Sharing content and engaging with your audience through social media has become a vital part of any communications strategy. It’s a big scary digital world out there – but businesses who ignore social media marketing will increasingly be left behind.

Perception can help transform your ‘likes’ into advocates, your engagements into sales across the platforms relevant to your audiences. We have the expertise to help you stay ahead of the pack – crafting an integrated content strategy and, if required, managing and monitoring your social media presence on your behalf.

  • Build your community and influence
  • Increase engagement and conversions
  • Build strategic social media campaigns according to your specific goals
  • Measure ROI with analytics

Crisis + Reputation Management.

Your good reputation can be easily sabotaged, no matter how hard-won or long-standing.

If a crisis occurs, we can help you reclaim control of the situation and deal with it quickly and effectively.

Savvy companies plan ahead to ensure that issues don’t become crises. We will work with you to develop a crisis management plan, including detailed risk assessment, analysing the worst case scenarios that may occur and identifying strategies that may mitigate the impact of a potentially negative event.

We have in-depth experience handling high-profile crises, including financial collapses, staff redundancies, industrial accidents, food tampering and natural disasters.

If the crisis involves the media, we can provide you with a crisis communications plan that outlines necessary responses and even represent you in interactions with journalists.

  Video Production.

Take your message from the static to the dynamic, amplifying reach through video tailored for online audiences and digital platforms.

If you have a news story, we have in-house capability to create a video news release tailored for today’s digital platforms. For stunning promotional videos, we design and develop storyboard concepts, write scripts and collaborate with leading creatives to produce the quality of video desired.

Community + Stakeholder Engagement.

Often “consultation” is undertaken in a tick box approach that doesn’t actually address the core issues or attempt to even identify them.

Our role is not to “sell” the project to the community. It is to help our client develop an understanding of the project among all its stakeholders, explain its benefits, and how the project will be managed.

We have provided this support to many significant projects.

 Event Management.

Perception creates events to remember for all the right reasons! Our team of award-winning event professionals have the skills, expertise and contacts to create events with vision that reflect your high standards and integrity and exceed the expectations of your guests.

From product launches to team building, corporate entertainment to community fundraisers, Perception can support your in-house team with our expertise or manage event delivery from start to finish.

Presentation Skills.

Few of us are ‘naturals’ at public speaking, but you can learn helpful techniques. Some time, somewhere you will need to ‘stand and deliver.’

Our qualified speech coach can help you become better at public speaking, from content through to delivery; individual and group sessions.

Training can include:

  • Learning how to engage an audience
  • Structuring your speech for maximum impact
  • Using your voice effectively
  • Video training, including voice over commentary