The changing of the guard in Canterbury

We are slowly seeing the changing of the guard in Canterbury as a new generation of leaders emerges.


It’s good for us to encourage a new perspective that challenges and, hopefully, enthuses us – merged with the wisdom that cany experience can bring.


To this end we must develop and support our next generation of leaders.  It will not be those in leadership roles today who will complete the regeneration process of Christchurch, but the new talent.


I get worried when young people talk about quitting Christchurch for study and work – why would you want to leave when there are so many career enhancing/fast tracking opportunities here for motivated and talented 20 somethings.  By all means get international experience, do your OE but right here, right now there are some fantastic opportunities that could mean an upgrade in the type of work you get to do overseas later in your career.


Before the earthquakes my husband and I were seriously considering moving to the Big Apple.  We wanted to increase our opportunities to grow professionally and personally, as well as broaden those of our then one-year-old daughter.  We love Christchurch but we felt it limited our ability to evolve.


But February 22, 2011 changed our minds. Amid the chaos, we realised that what we had been seeking was right before our eyes. It wasn’t always socially acceptable at first to voice this but our resolve and commitment has grown – and continues to do so.


Despite a munted house, insurance battles, bumpy roads and earthquake stresses, we have increased our investment and roots here. We’ve launched a business, bought another, had a second child, and are about to build a new home.


Our vision for the new Christchurch is an innovative and vibrant city, with a loudly beating heart and wonderful asset rich suburbs. It’s a city that thinks and competes globally while providing a lifestyle of which other cities dream – a place where people from all around the world come to visit to be inspired, to learn and to have fun.


Most important to us is that Christchurch is a place that our two girls will be proud to call home. Where, if they choose, they can live and work as it offers both of them a fantastic lifestyle and rich opportunities. A place where they can be future leaders.