We’re liking the new Facebook changes

Have you noticed a difference to your Facebook feed?

Mark Zuckerberg announced in early 2018 that Facebook’s news feed will start focusing on “putting friends and family at the core of the experience.” This means fewer news articles and ads, and less marketing content. Facebook is refocusing around its purpose – to create meaningful interactions between people.

FB changes


What will this mean for companies that use Facebook?

More than ever before, it’s important to create meaningful, authentic and interesting content for your audience. Having the right strategy and networks become more important. This includes having a defined target audience that you produce valuable information for. Here are some considerations:

  • Diversifying your communication channels to ensure you are not reliant on Facebook (eg. blogs, newsletters, other social media, news media)
  • Depending on what your post is, organic distribution of posts may decrease. You might need a greater Facebook advertising budget to reach the desired audience
  • Posts that are longer, and generate more conversation are more likely to be picked up
  • Live Facebook video is prioritised


Have you thought about Influencer Marketing?

With the right communications strategy and partnerships, you can share your stories with a greater audience, utilising the respective audiences of influencers and ambassadors.

An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience. This individual usually has a following in a particular niche area that they actively engage with.

As influencers have potential to make a significant impact, they need to provide trustworthy stewardship and alignment with your organisation’s brand and values.


Remember: authentic, meaningful content matters more than ever



Detail on results of changes 1 month later – Facebook is favouring posts that get a lot of interaction and news publishers are seeing a decrease in traffic. Digiday

Make quality content, utilise other communication methods, pay for Facebook advertising, leverage networks. New Zealand Tourism

Facebook is purportedly doing something for their consumers, and that will increase engagement and only make the ad platform more interesting for half the planet. AdNews